Genitech Power Engineering Solutions (Private) Limited (“GPES”) is a leading supplier of integrated power, electrical and IT solutions. The company brought together its extensive experience and expertise in these core industries, to provide an integrated solutions to its customers.

GPES is primarily a service provider company. It has been created with a mission to help customers select and buy, install and commission, operate and maintain power generation equipment from 1kVA to 2500kVA with focus on high horsepower machines. One of the important features in our cap is that our generators have become very popular and trustworthy in Genset Rental operations where the equipment has to go through most grueling operating conditions and the Total Life Cycle Cost (TLC) of the equipment is a decisive factors.

GPES is a company run and managed by professionals having a cumulative experience in power generating sets. However, the main strength of GPES is its ability to provide value adding engineering services, with focus on doing job right the first time around. This is precisely why customers like Banks, Telecommunication Companies and those in Oil and Gas sector find solace while working with GPES.

GPES deals in marketing, trading, designing, manufacturing, selling, repairing and servicing of electrical equipments and mechanical electrical process for any clients / customers in Pakistan and anywhere all over the world.

GPES provides solar energy solutions and services in the country, being an ultimate alternative/solution of high cost electricity!.

GPES provides a variety of design approaches to implement UPS systems, each with distinct performance characteristics. We provide online long backup and short backup UPS systems especially supporting 24/7 to various industries particularly to IT related equipments and to banking ATM machines etc.

We are a leading Air Conditioning Installation Company with vast experience. Our engineers operate throughout the Pakistan. GPES provide unbeatable prices coupled with the highest quality service to all of our clients anywhere in Pakistan.

We are specialized in installing air conditioning and heating systems that fit for your poultry control sheds. We install air conditioning systems which are more suitable to your poultry control shed in a reasonable and competitive rates.

GPES is specialized in installation and maintenance of networking and communication systems with a range of hardware and software products and services. We provide the effective and efficient systems of networking such as PABX systems, intercom systems, internal network cabling/pools etc.

GPES engineers are specialist professionals to install various types of quality ATS (Automatic transfer Switch) Panels / ACB (AIR CIRCUIT BREAKER) / MCCB / MAIN ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANELS / DISTRIBUTION BOARDS. ATS panel is one of the systems that switch the power supply from KE/WAPDA to Generator or in any way where ATS panels are required, GPES is there to help you.

We install, maintain and repair all types of computers/laptops to fulfill needs of commercial and/or domestic requirements. We install computers in a system that join hundreds of it to satisfy the need of any industry such as banking, IT etc. in Pakistan.

GPES customers in Pakistan include companies from virtually all sectors of the economy and the industry. Hospitals, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Banks, Leasing Companies, Telecommunications Companies, Airlines, Poultry, Oil and Gas Sector, CNG Stations etc.


GPES is in business to help our customers find best, cost effective, and state of the art energy solutions for their requirements.

GPES wants to help customers get a quality job done on time, the First time and every time. This, we believe can only be achieved with a spirit to serve using all available resources, depending on our people and partners, working as a team while continuously developing skills of all involved.


Add value to the supply chain of our customers and forge long-term relationships based on mutual trust and service excellence.


Create permanent customers by following:

  • Devise customized value packages.
  • Delight customers with a sincere spirit to serve.
  • Deliver services in excess of customer’s expectations and contracted value.
  • Develop skills of our people and partners as a vehicle to continuous improvement.
  • Depend on people and partners to get them into a team, which can set high standard of service.


  • Spirit to serve.
  • Value added engineering.
  • Technical expertise and experienced staff.
  • Long-term vision.
  • Team Work
  • Commitment
  • Never “give up” attitude.
  • Putting our foot in the customer shoes….. Feeling the pain of customer.

Quality Policy

We recognise that there is no end to the road to quality, we also fully understand that quality can only be achieved with the following:

  • A mindset to do the job on time, first time, and every time.
  • Preaching what we practice.
  • Identifying critical mass and eliminating waste from whatever we do.
  • Fully documented process.
  • Continuous investment in people to develop their skills and continuous improvement in our ways of working (WoW) through small incremental steps.
  • Learning from the “Best Practical” of others.
  • Benchmarking against “Best-in-Class” performances.